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How should I clean my boat shoes?

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Our advice for taking care of your boat shoes


1. First of all, it’s essential to waterproof your shoes before the very first use with a waterproofing product.

2. Then, when cleaning your boat shoes, it is important to take into account the type of leather they’re made of. Indeed, they come in various types of leather: full-grain leather, oily leather, nubuck and even suede. Each type of leather requires specific care:

  • β†’For full grain leather, prefer a colourless polish.
  • β†’ Lanolin is the ideal cream to take care of oiled leather.
  • β†’ For nubuck, clean the shoe with an eraser or with a brush and an appropriate shampoo. Then thoroughly rinse with clean water and let the shoe dry naturally without exposure to direct heat.
  • β†’ For suede, use an eraser or a brush.

3. After cleaning your boat shoes, it is now necessary to waterproof them to ensure they remain ship-shape.

4. Finally, buff them up to a shine using a magic brush or some old nylon tights.

The boat shoes, an iconic model

Tbs has been the French brand of nautical inspiration since 1978. Its iconic boat shoes were launched in 1983 and since then tbs has continued to develop its expertise. Season after season, tbs includes boat shoes in its collections for men and women.

Boat shoes are a timeless style of shoe, and have been an iconic element of our collections for 40 years, since they can be worn in the spring and throughout the summer. However, to last season after season, this type of shoe requires special care.

Tbs’ leather boat shoes are comfortable and available in a wide range of colours to go with all men’s or women’s summer outfits.